Meet the Band



Burn The Louvre are an indie rock duo based out of Hamilton, ON comprised of Jordan Speare (vocals/guitar) and Sean Cooper (guitar/vocals). Their debut LP Silhouettes was recorded, mixed & mastered by engineer/producer Mickey Ellsworth which was released as 11 singles across 2022.

Speare began working on Silhouettes long before Cooper joined the band, as a result he found himself recording as a “solo artist” for the first time ever. He enlisted the help of friend Andrew Billone of Silvertone Hills to play lead guitar and bass on all 11 tracks on the LP. He also invited friend and fellow singer/songwriter Stephanie Deshane to sing with him on “Alison”, a fun duet with a charming back & forth.

After Jordan & Mickey wrapped up the recording of Silhouettes late 2018, he received an email from guitarist Sean Cooper. He was answering a “Musicians Wanted” Kijiji Ad that Jordan had forgotten to take down.

“The fact that he even showed up for that beer was enough to impress me. We hit it off and the next week, we got together to jam and he impressed me a whole lot more. The way he was able to come up with his own unique leads to songs that were already recorded, giving them different nuances while maintaining the vibe of each song…I mean, I don’t think we’ve ever had a “bad practice”. I felt this was a perfect opportunity to re-imagine Burn The Louvre as a duo and I am very happy he wanted to be a part of this,” said Speare on his friendship with new guitarist Sean Cooper.

Burn The Louvre’s debut LP Silhouettes is now available on all major streaming platforms and wherever you listen to music. You can follow Burn The Louvre here.